Meet Lola the Foster Dog

Why on earth am I doing a blog? Well, I’m not exactly sure yet… I think my intention is to document a story unfolding and progressing, and then, Lord willing, ending happily. I don’t know if anyone will follow along or if this is just an exercise and a footprint to look back on and remind myself, on the inevitable impossible days, how far we’ve come.

This is Lola. Her fear of humans is immense… She has been here for 3 days now and I’ve yet to be able to touch her since I carried her to my car from the shelter. But do you know what she started doing just today when I walk outside to sit with her? She runs towards the door with her tail wagging… For just a moment she forgets that she’s afraid, and when she remembers her fear she stops just out of reach. But that little glimmer of hope is more than I expected this early on.

As soon as I gain her trust enough to put a leash on her, my plan is to keep her next to me for as many hours out of the day as I can. I don’t want to “corner her” or “catch her” to make this happen. I think I can just be patient and let her decide when she’s ready to take the next step. If I’m wrong, I’m blessed to know a number of knowledgeable people who I know will have more ideas.

Send her a good wish or a prayer. I’ll post again when we have another breakthrough.